When Sitkite meets F-One

A new era...

In my quest continuously pushing my limits, hydrofoiling on a kiteboard was this year on my program of development. I saw the AC’72’s foiling during the America’s cup; even Bram from Woodycookie in Scheveningen started to foil on a kiteboard. I was convinced that it would be also feasible to kitefoil sited. While surfing on the Internet, I discovered that F-One would launch a foil and a kitefoilboard in 2015.

Naturally I text-messaged Mitu whom I met last winter in Sal to ask for a good word towards Raphael Salles, the CEO and founder of F-One. Then it went very quickly, after a first telephone conversation, Bram and I drove to south of France to meet Raph and his team and especially have a ride together, the best way to get to know each other.

So on a Saturday afternoon, while Raph and his permanent test rider Mika were testing prototypes, I was discovering my new “toy”: the Bandit 8th edition. What an amazing kite, so easy to handle!

We spent the next few days to discuss hydrofoil and future board design for sited kiteboarding. Raph is so enthusiast that his team of engineers and naval architect will design and build a dedicated wave and foilboard for me. I was most impressed how Raphael combines his life as CEO of an international kiteboarding company with a life as passionate water sportsman so close to nature. On a Monday morning, he can be as easy on the water testing kites or sup’s as in his office. So before trying to get hold of him, you really have to check the weather forecast :-)

We finished our fruitful meeting with, of course, a glass of Champagne: the way French to share emotions :-)

So great to be part of the F-one Family.